Below you can find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is Hopping Monk?

    Hopping Monk is a solution that connects the travellers, who are planning to visit India, to the reputable and trusted travel companies that suit a customized trip requirement.

    Hopping Monk is designed to overcome the problem of finding a suitable & trustworthy travel company that can arrange your trip the way you like it.
  • How does it work?

    Whatever trip or destination you have on your mind, submit them on Hopping Monk. We review it and instantly forward it to multiple travel companies, whom we have picked on the basis of their credentials and have got the expertise and experience in serving the similar trips that you are planning to go. We ensure that they get back to you quickly and supply the free quote.

    You can review & compare their offers, discuss your requirements further through our messaging system, and book the offer. All the booking related transactions are handled by Hopping Monk to offer you convenience and trust.

    We don’t influence your selection decision or agent’s proposal and offer a free and fair decision making.
  • What benefits will I get?

    1. Get quotes from travel companies that best serve the destinations on your trip plan.
    2. Quick response.
    3. Informed decision making by comparing multiple proposals.
    4. Easy booking system.
    5. Get vouchers and other confirmation prior to departure.
    6. Trusted travel companies.
  • How do I plan my trip?

    1. You can create a new customized trip request and request for quote from our partners.
    2. Our select partners matching your requirements respond with quotes.
    3. You can interact with a given agent till the package conforms to your requirements.
    4. Pay and book the trip.
  • Do we charge anything from travellers?

    No, this service is free for travellers.
  • How do I communicate with travel agents?

    You can interact with travel agents with each quote on our website and also receive email notifications in case you are on the go and don't have access to our website. Since your email addresses are not shared with any travel companies unless you choose to make a booking, they also use the Hopping Monk's messaging system to send any message to you. This helps us in maintain your privacy and unwanted interaction from agents.
  • What are the booking terms?

    Every travel company has its own booking policy and terms which they are asked to share with you prior to booking.

    You can choose to pay either part or full payments via our secure transaction payment gateway. We accept all major credit/debit cards. All transactions are securely saved and maintained in your account. Our site complies with stringent transaction security procedures and takes utmost care while processing transaction initiated by you.

    We encourage the travellers to book through Hopping Monk and make payments directly to avoid any fraud. The travel companies who try to lure you through cheap bookings outside Hopping Monk portal may have malicious intentions.
  • How does the cancellation/refund process work?

    Any request for cancelation goes directly to booked travel company who will process the request per the terms and conditions applicable on your purchase. Upon travel companies instruction we process the refund and transfer back to your account.

    Cancellation & refund varies from company to company. We advise you to read cancellation policy of the travel company prior to the booking.
  • Are my transactions secure?

    Yes. Our site complies with stringent transaction security procedures and takes utmost care while processing transaction initiated by you.
  • How is quality check and ranking of agents done?

    We exercise quality control through review collected by real travellers like you. We take your feedback and reviews and update the agent rating on the website. What you get in the end is real and reputed agents offering state-of-the-art services at the cost effective price that suits your budget.
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